Sourav Secures Reventon Classic

Finalists 2019 Reventon Classic.jpg

Congratulations to Sourav Kothari from India for winning the 2019 Reventon Classic defeating Tyson Crinis from NSW. Sourav played consistent all tournament and in the final winning 5-1 over Tyson. Well done to Tyson for his first National Ranking Snooker final.

Sourav was one of several international players who entered the Reventon Classic with a view to take out the Billiards the following week. Sourav (World Billiards Champion) will be one of the hot favorites for the billiards along with Matthew Bolton and Peter Gilchrist.

The Pacific International Billiards followed by the National Billiards starts this week at the Yarraville Club in Melbourne.

Well done also to Matthew Bolton and James Mifsud. They weren't quite able to replicate the final of the Reventon / Commercial Club International from a few weeks ago.

Kurt Dunham and James Mifsud both shared the highest break of 100.

A big thank you to the support of Reventon for this event which is one of three that forms the Reventon Triple Crown (Classic, Masters and International). Thank you also to the VBSA and all the officials for the running on the event and to the Yarraville Club for the excellent tables and snooker room.

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