Aussie Players at the World Champs

Snooker Balls (3).jpeg

The ABSC is pleased to announce the players that are representing Australia in Snooker and Billiards events for 2019 and the status of funding. Some players have been actively promoting their own Go Fund Me campaigns and have raised extra funds to support their representation. This is a great step and an example for other players in future.

The ABSC is committed to assisting players representing at World Championships and will continue to review this position on an annual basis.

On behalf of all the Australian Snooker and Billiards community, we wish all of these players the best success at these events.


1.      James Mifsud              (Funding $600 from sanction fees)

2.      Tyson Crinis                (Funding $600 from sanction fees)

3.      Adrian Ridley             (Funding $600 from sanction fees)


1.      Jessica Woods             (Funding $1000 from Nationals sponsorship)

2.      Judy Dangerfield        (Funding $600 from Nationals sponsorship)

3.      Kylie Bellinger            (Funding $600 from sanction fees)


1.      Peter McCullagh         (Funding $1000 from Masters sponsorship)

2.      Adrian Law                 (Funding $600 from Masters sponsorship)

3.      Rob Elsley                   (Funding $600 from Masters sponsorship)

4.      Ray Farley                   (Funding $600 from Masters sponsorship)


1.       Matthew Bolton               (Funding $1000 from sanction fees)