IBSF/WPBSA/WSF State of affairs

27 Jul 2018

26th July 2018

Dear Member Federations, Dear Presidents, Secretaries and Friends,

I would like to begin by giving a warm welcome to our new Regional and Continental Federations who are now established within our group. For your information, statements in relation to the Africa's, Oceania and more recently the Americas joining the World Snooker Federation are attached.

Many of you will be aware that a meeting was called in Lausanne on the 21st June 2018 between the WCBS, WPBSA, IBSF and representatives of the WSF to discuss the snooker membership of the WCBS, therefore in the interests of transparency I would like to keep you fully informed prior to any changes which may occur in the future.

In my last letter to you on the 16th June 2018, I made it clear that neither the WPBSA nor WSF was standing in the way of the existence of the IBSF within our IOC structure. In fact, various conciliatory attempts have been made by WPBSA/WSF delegates to resolve matters.

Currently, snooker membership of the WCBS is constitutionally held by the World Snooker Federation (WSF), however following the IBSF's withdrawal from this agreement, the WPBSA and WSF has now made the following offer to the WCBS and IBSF:

1. WSF has offered to withdraw its constitutional rights as sole WCBS member in return for WPBSA and IBSF holding independent membership of the WCBS. This allows IBSF to regain its membership under the IOC structure which it currently does not hold.

2. The WSF will remain in the IOC structure as a Swiss based International Sports Federation under the WPBSA which will continue to be supported by the WPBSA to ensure snooker remains established in the Olympic Capital.

3. The WSF will focus on working directly with the Regional and/or Continental Federations to service National Federation membership and promote qualification to the World Snooker Tour.

4. The WSF will focus its efforts on improving the chances of all Continental Federations gaining recognition and participation in the Worlds Continental Games. This would significantly improve snooker's chances of eventually participating in the Olympic Games.

5. The IBSF will be free to host Amateur Championships as it has done historically and WSF will make every attempt not to clash dates giving more opportunities to amateur players and officials.

6. The WPBSA as a direct WCBS member will work alongside and apply its resources to support a successful Olympic campaign.

This offer demonstrates our clear commitment to put in place a firm structure where all parties in Billiards Sports support the WCBS in the role it was designed to deliver.

To date, the offer of support and resources from the WPBSA to assist the Olympic bid has not been taken up by the WCBS. We remain hopeful that the WCBS and host federation has done enough to ensure the bid will reach the next stage and be successful.

Should any member have any concerns regarding any points raised in this letter, or would like to discuss matters further, I would be happy to speak with you.

Yours Sincerely

Jason Ferguson

President of the World Snooker Federation

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