WSF General Assembly – Summary

27 Mar 2018

File Note: [ABSC – WSF General Assembly - Summary] [26/03/18]

WSF General Assembly – Summary

At the recent World Snooker Federation Championships in Malta the WSF held a General Assembly of its members. Jeff Farrugia attended as the ABSC delegate.

The key points arising out of Jeff's report from the General Assembly are as follows: –

  • 1.There are presently 47-member countries of the WSF, 25 of whom were present at the General Assembly.
  • 2.A few of the countries present and the number of players had reported that the IBSF had spoken to them about banning any player or country that joined the WSF or participated in the event Malta. Jim Lacey an IBSF member was present and spoke indicating that he was unaware of any IBSF member that was threatening any player but had acknowledged that he had been spoken to by a few players and country representatives who had confirmed that this was in fact happening.
  • 3.There is presently no litigation current or threatened between the WSF and the IBSF.
  • 4.The Board of the WSF presented a "Building the Future" document which will be uploaded onto the ABSC website when it is available.
  • 5.There are various initiatives underway at the moment by the WPBSA with Jan Verhaas to rewrite the rules of snooker in a more simplified way (whilst not changing the rules) to place them in "plain English" and to ensure translation into other languages. The WPBSA will release the rules as a draft and then seek input before making them official
  • 6.The WSF is looking to roll out a streamlined program for referees worldwide and will be working with its member countries' referees associations to provide a comprehensive global scheme.
  • 7.The WSF has no issue with coaches who have been accredited by the IBSF and again looking to existing member countries' coaching programs to draw upon for their own coaching program.
  • 8.There is presently no set calendar for the balance of 2018 however the WSF are in the process of working out a list of events include Womens, Mens, Juniors and Disability events.
  • 9.The appointment of Mike Peachey of Australia to the WSF Board was ratified unanimously.
  • 10.Presently the WSF membership would remain free until at least January 2020 and may extend past that date.

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