Press release from "REVENTON"

10 Feb 2018


2018 will be the most lucrative for our snooker players with the introduction of two major events on the ABSC calendar and the newly formed "Reventon Snooker Triple Crown".

Chris Christofi from Reventon has generously agreed to increase sponsorship again this year. All three events have a minimum $10,000.00 first prize of which two of them are $15,000.00 – Reventon's goal each year is for our events is to keep increasing the prize money, this has been achieved to date and will continue.

The first event being The Reventon Classic, which will be held between May 4th-6th The prize money will be $25,000 ($10,000 first prize). The event will be limited to 96 players and carry double ABSC ranking points.

The second being The Reventon International and is scheduled for December 6th – 9th.

The prize money will be $50,000 ($15,000 first prize) the most ever on offer in Australia. There is a limit of 128 players, but we should fill the field easily and will be the first tournament to carry triple ABSC ranking points. The eventual winner receives a "walk in start" for The Reventon Masters.

The final event will be The Reventon Masters – Winner Takes All Event scheduled for December 14th – 16th.

This is a Winner takes all event ($15,000 first prize). This event includes two 147 events to be played on the final day (Men's and Ladies) and will carry $25,000 prize money across all of the events.

In True Reventon fashion the following additional bonuses also apply:

$10,000.00 bonus if anyone wins all three events in one calendar year.

$5,000.00 bonus for the first 147 made in any event.

$5,000.00 bonus if anyone wins any of the 3 events without dropping a frame.

The Australian Billiards & Snooker Council extend our sincere thanks to Chris and his

Company Reventon for their extremely generous sponsorship of our great game. All these events are currently sponsored 100% by Reventon.

Reventon "Keeping the ball rolling"

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