Reventon Academy Cue Sports Festival

16 May 2017

The ABSC is pleased to promote 11 days of Billiards and Snooker in June in Melbourne with a total prize pool of $31,500. The events will be held at the newly opened "Reventon Academy at the Yarraville Club" – 8 tables, all new cloths, modern LED lighting, fully air-conditioned. The new venue is in its own building a short walk from the club.

The Lance Pannell Classic will this year have a prize pool of $12,500 (1.5x national ranking points) and will include a plate event with $1000 prize money. Quarter-finals and semi-finals will now be best of 7 frames and the final will be best of 9 frames.

It will be followed by the Australian Open Billiards Championship - $12,500 prize pool (single ranking points), played under the 150-up format with the baulk-line crossing rule in play.

The Billiards and Snooker festival will conclude with the premier Billiards event on the calendar – the National Championship – a timed event now with a guaranteed prize pool of $6500 (the largest ever for this event) and double ranking points.

The ABSC welcomes a new facility for our sport and encourages participation in these events.

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