2016 President's Report

19 Oct 2016

2016 President's Report

This past year we have enjoyed some exciting tournaments and I am pleased to report some additional sponsorship.

The inclusion of the City of Adelaide in our calendar gave Ryan Thomerson his first National ranking win by defeating Kurt Dunham six frames to four.

The event played at Snooker SA headquarters on Shender tables was only supported by 51 players but SA is looking to increase these numbers next year.

2016 has seen some great snooker with people like James Mifsud rising to the top by winning the National snooker, Jessica Woods continuing to dominate women's snooker and Peter McCullagh showing he is a force to be reckoned with in the future. Matty Bolton continued to dominate billiards and still retained the National #1 snooker ranking.

It is also good to see Vinnie Calabrese and Steve Mifsud back playing again, and it won't be long before they break into the top ten ranking list.

I also take pleasure in announcing the following three year agreements were signed off during the year. Mounties for the Bob Hawke AC Open, Mingara for the Australian Masters, Snooker SA for the Australian Women's Nationals, plus the Aust Junior Teams Challenge. The Yarraville Club has also signed off on a 3 year agreement to host the National and Open Billiards and the Brunswick Club will be hosting the U/21 Snooker and Billiards for a further three years.

The Tasmanian Association has plans to run the National 6 Red snooker permanently as a lead in to the new Tasmanian Open Snooker whilst the NSW Association is currently negotiating to run the Ian Chappell Open Snooker.

Earlier this year an invitation was extended to Ian Chappell to become Patron of the ABSC. I am pleased to say Ian accepted this invitation and is now working with us in promoting our sport.

Our juniors are improving all the time which was quite apparent at this year's junior challenge.

Results from these championships were:-

Teams…Victoria defeated Queensland 3-2

U/12 Snooker: Jayden Dinga defeated Leo Adeney 3-2

U/15 Snooker: Jake Thompson defeated Kyle Thomson 3-0

U/18 Snooker: Alex Pace defeated Matt Curwood 4-0

U/15 Billiards: Marc Fridman defeated Kyle Thomson 255-240

U/18 Billiards: Hayden Good defeated Josh Burns 417-319

Girls U/18 Snooker: Jordyn Peart defeated Sarah Moeaha 2-1

It is really encouraging to see the future champions of our game playing and they are to be congratulated on the way they conduct themselves and the sportsmanship they demonstrate.

With the assistance of Tania Ahmet, the ABSC has been in discussion with the WPBSA regarding their approval for Australia to use "Cue Zone," a WPBSA program taking snooker into schools, and their White to Black coaching program for beginners. We are looking for written approval from the WPBSA for us the use these programs in Australia so we do not infringe on any copyrights. We are hamstrung at present until we get this approval but Jason Ferguson, Chairman of WPBSA, has indicated a willingness to assist us.

There has been some interest from BSANSW to adopt the scheme for trial in two schools. We will also be looking at using fold away tables in demonstrating snooker to juniors in shopping centers around Australia.

I would like to give special thanks to the ABSC Sponsor of Record, Consolidated Leisure & Sport for their ongoing support of Billiards & Snooker within Australia. We have enjoyed their sponsorship for many years we look forward to their continuation in the future.

Thanks also to Chris Christofi and his Company the Reventon Group for their generous support of our National Snooker Championships and the City of Melbourne.

I would also like to thank Chris for helping develop the Reventon Rankings, which is a great incentive for our top players to compete at the end of the year for a prize pool of $10,000, again sponsored by the Reventon Group.

Without the help of these sponsors we would struggle to meet our ever increasing expenses.

The ABSC 200 Club died a natural death this year with sales only reaching 50 tickets.

We decided to have five draws of $1000 to pay this money back.

We must look at alternative means to raise money in assisting to send our players to world championships and possible look at an ABSC 100 Club as an alternative.

I would like to congratulate Jason Colebrook for his efforts in the forming of Billiards Australia and introducing new billiard tournaments around Australia. As you may be aware, the ABSC decided not to align ourselves with either the World Billiards Limited or the IBSF with the Australian Open Billiards. By making this decision we lost 8 international players competing in the Australian Open Billiards but gained 13 more locals. I am unsure whether this gain reflects the internationals not being here or simply the work Jason and Billiards Australia have done in promoting billiards. I will however speak to Jason to discuss the future of the Open.

Over the next couple of years I hope the Oceania region strengthens so we may again see the OBSF Championships being played on a rotation basis in various countries. At present it has been a huge burden on Australia having to host these championships two years straight and by continuing to do this, it only becomes another Australian championship.

Thanks to all the referees and officials who have given their time and efforts in making the year a success. Thanks to Adam Wyard in providing us with our website and the extra work he contributes behind the scene in programming and completing the draws of ranking tournaments. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Theresa Whitten for the enormous work she has taken on as the ABSC Secretary and John Osterman for accepting the role of ABSC Treasurer.

Many thanks to the ABSC Board Members for their contribution over the past year and for giving their time freely for the sake of our sport.

Finally, thanks to those members who have supported me over my first three years tenure.

May 2017 be a great year for our Association and let's move forward into a bright future for the game we love.

Frank Dewens

President ABSC 2014-16

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