9 Sep 2016

Notice of the
85th Annual General Meeting
of the Australian Billiards & Snooker Council
This will be held on Friday, 14th October, 2016 commencing 6.00 pm
at the Mounties Club, 101 Meadows Road, Mt. Pritchard, NSW
Affiliate Bodies of the ABSC are to provide to the ABSC Secretary by Wednesday 14th September, 2016:
• The names and addresses of your two nominated delegates to represent your affiliate at this AGM.
• Nominations for the positions listed below, which are due for election or re-election at this meeting. All nominations for any position up for election at an AGM must be received on official letterhead paper, duly signed by the accredited person to represent that organisation. All nominations must be seconded by an accredited person on official letterhead paper duly signed by the accredited person to represent that organisation. All nominees must provide a signed acceptance that they are prepared to stand for the nomination. Any temporary nomination to fill a vacancy for any reason, must be accepted the by the current Executive and if so, accepted, then ratified at the next AGM.
• any Agenda items or Notices of Motion to be proposed at this Annual General Meeting

President (3 year term) (Current Incumbent: Frank Dewens)

Vice-President (2 year term) (Unless a Incumbent Executive)
Executive Member SA (2 year term) (Current Incumbent: Chris Wignall)
Executive Member QLD (2 year term) (Current Incumbent: John Osterman)
Executive Member ACT (2 year term) (Current Incumbent: Mark O'Neill)
Executive Member TAS (2 year term) (Current Incumbent: Rex Swain)
Secretary (1 year term) (Current Incumbent: Theresa Whitten)
Treasurer (1 year term) (Current Incumbent: John Osterman)

Public Officer (resident of the ACT) (1 year term) (Current Incumbent: Mark O'Neill)

If it is decided by the Council to elect a life member, nominations shall be called for at the AGM and if more than one (1) person is so nominated, an exhaustive ballot shall be held to determine the issue. The Council may elect to life membership only one (1) person per year. This person must have given, in the opinion of the Council, outstanding service to the Council or to Billiards and Snooker.
Theresa Whitten
Secretary & Women's Delegate
Australian Billiards & Snooker Council (ABSC)
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