Great news for women's snooker

20 Jan 2019

BSANSW wish to advise that Women's Snooker have been fortunate to secure some state funding from NSW Office of Sport to host a snooker camp for women and girls along side a national ranking event. We submitted a grant application in September 2018 and heard last week the submission was successful.

Participants will receive coaching and time with a sports psychologist as a group. There will also be team building and fitness/nutrition seminars. The ranking event will be a round robin and knockout.

The project will be as equitable as possible by assisting with travel costs for all players.

The funding is based on certain conditions which include:

1. To be hosted in NSW

2. That BSANSW, their volunteers and sponsors contribute a similar amount, but in goods and services.

3. Finish date must be by June 2020

The submission covered a number of criteria that the Office in Sport identified. This included:

1. Increase regular and on-going participation.

2. Improve opportunities for athlete, coach and official development

3. Attract national sporting event to NSW.

An organising committee is still to be determined, however it is likely that Theresa Whitten who prepared the submission will be the driving force. Alex Render has been nominated as the Organising Director at this point in time.

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