Ranking Tournament Draws

16 Sep 2016

The ABSC's Seeding, Selection and Ranking Tournament committee has approved a change to the method of producing draws for National Ranking Tournaments. Previously all draws were seeded entirely from the Ranking List, but this led to a situation where people believed that the draw would be pre-determined once the entry list is completed. It was felt that this was not ideal, and an element of randomness should be included.

The new methodology is as follows:

Defending Champion will be seeded #1

Top 16 seeds will be taken directly from the Ranking List

The next 16 ranked players will be drawn randomly into positions 17-32

All other players will be draw at random

The structure of the draws will remain unchanged - tournament organisers will have the option of using a straight knockout or staggered draw system at their discretion.

This change will take effect immediately, and will be applied to the Bob Hawke AC Australian Open Snooker Championship at Mounties, 14-16 October.

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